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In 2004 Herman Prigann invited Ilka Blue to his project site Rheinelbe Sculpture Wood, in Gelsenkirchen Germany. It was an initiation into the ‘Art & Ecology’ realm and inspired Ilka to set up the transdisciplinary studio The Last Tree.

The studio was modelled on how a business might operate in a new sustainable paradigm. Shaped as a partnership between Ilka Blue and her imaginary friend, the Last Tree (see poem), all projects and decisions were made from this joint partnership, between a human and a tree, as a way to shift the anthropocentric focus.

Over the past decade The Last Tree has worked with organisations and communities to help remedy a wide range of environmental issues, and this work has seeded many provocative and healing connections between people and place. But as is the way in our universe, change happens.

The time came for Ilka Blue to focus her skills and for the Last Tree to reconnect into an ecosystem (so it is not the last tree but one of millions!).Thus Latorica was seeded and 2015 brings the beginning of a whole new story. But The Last Tree website will kick around for a while longer, as an archive and homage to a great adventure!

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Please visit the Latorica website to explore the new home of The Last Tree (it's alive with rivers and seals and lots of stories!).